Is Radix looking to do anything with IDs beyond KYC with Instapass?

In my opinion it would be really cool to offer in the near future an own decentralized identifier and verifiable credentials (and not from a third-party like Instapass), alongside tools and frameworks to help expand and secure the Radix ecosystem.


I really like this idea, always support a thing which leads to a more decentralized environment! We can literally replace every third party entities / features with a well-functioning dApp. I could also see Radix Swag shop integrated to a dApp and with the information withdrawn from the ID, you can buy merch there with XRD.

Do you mean like how facebook is kind to used to log into all different apps ? This is another project I am invested in, they building something similar ?

@Ratty I opened this thread because I love the idea behind Instapass and I think there is a lot of unexpressed potential.
I hope this is just the beginning because having something like Instapass/Instabridge can lead institutional investors to put money only into trustworthy projects because it won’t make them get into regulatory trouble with unknown parties.

However, Instapass is a third party dapp, and I hope in the future an own radix dex identifier will replace instapass (or absord it) so as to make this new radix dex identifier a sort of “household” and “safe harbor” among crypto investors. @TamasH It reminds me almost of when PayPal first came out and people felt safer buying things online.

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Exactly! I feel like this would be so revoluationary on an unlimited scalable network. I see that there are already a few implementations out there for this, but we don’t need to be the first one to offer the best quality service.