Is that problem in radbag Android wallet while unstake?😕

Am unable to unstake RDX using radbag wallet app it’s showing building transaction.

accepting transaction giving password but transaction cannot process it’s just showing that .:slightly_smiling_face:

When I checked to radix scan block explore nothing is there

HOW can I complete unstake using radbag???

Any suggestions :thinking:

If you are sure that everything is done correctly, I suggest reaching out directly to them on Telegram: Telegram: Contact @radbag_wallet

Note that the unstaking will take approximately 10-12 days (500 epoch). Also make sure to have enough XRD for the transaction fee. (~0.6 XRD)

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After the issue with Cerby, I would recommend staying away from that project. Use Radix Desktop Wallet to be sure.

Other than that, everything has been addressed above already… :slight_smile:

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Previously I also used Radbag as a personal wallet on mobile, especially Android. sometimes the network goes down and hangs the transaction. but when i restart the app it’s back to normal.

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I also observe and experience that when I open then wallet got lagging and when I try with vpn it’s open. But many time sending process not working.

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