Is the stock market the same as the crypto market now?

I have never been in the stock market as I feel its totally manipulated by companies and big players, but of course the crypto market is also manipulated by whales and it seems the two markets are now more linked to each other than ever before. I feel there is more money to made in crypto market as its a new emerging tech platform and I feel like I understand it better, like I can see what it can do for gaming and banking ect.

I feel like I dont want to have anything to do with stock market as I hate and totally distrust big tech and they are all part of that dirty fiat world , I feel like crypto is for us, the people and stock market if for them, big tech those have used us for years to full their pockets at our expense.

Stock market tends to rise / fall less compared to crypto markets, it is less volatile for sure. I agree that there is more money to made here, but also we have the bigger risk. At stock market, you have a legal entity behind each stock, while in crypto market a huge share of coins are just total sh*tcoins.

Stock market is also a great way to earn money, but big companies can have a big price fall there as well. not just in our world. (like Netflix)

Well if it tends to rise and fall less then there is less chance to make money right, that’s why we love crypto volatility gives us the chance to make money , I personally do not touch the stock market as I dont want to support companies like Facebook, google and twitter who use us and suppress the truth. I dont think the legal entity makes any difference if the stock goes down it goes down.

I think on that side it’s true maybe it’s mostly manipulation but, I think they can think healthier, I mean they only trade on weekdays and working hours. Unlike crypto, anything can happen without a break.
I mean here I rest and during the day in another country making crypto 24/7 doesn’t let us rest :).
But I have the opinion that the stock market is predictable because the company has a clear profile and transaction achievement, so we can easily read the situation even in difficult conditions.

But for the two things between the stock market and crypto, I think there are quite a lot of differences, and have their own advantages.


Yes, you can earn more money here as I said, but with a higher risk… this is how all investment work from a risk-reward perspective. We shouldn’t ignore the negative part (higher risk) of it.

And I also think that it really does make a difference when you see a company which is operating well, and being popular for years and when you see a GiraffeCoin with a barely functioning website. The bottom line what I would like to say that you can pretty easily issue a crypto token, but it is much harder to go live on the stock exchange, which give you an extra layer of security.