Is there anything you don't like about Radix?

Obviously we’re here because we’re #Radix addicts. I’m wondering if there’s anything in particular you don’t like about #Radix or $XRD. Personally, I’m not a fan of the one-way instabridge swaps, specifically how long it’s taking them to address this.

Let me what your thoughts are. Cheers!

My understanding is that Instabridge needs to be re-engineered to handle resources as they will function post Babylon/Xi’an. I think the perk of this is supposed to be that other native assets will be able to work with the Instabridge software, not just the XRD token. However, I think it was Russel who said it’s just not a good ROI or use of the team’s time to engineer Instabridge for XRD → eXRD swaps right now as they plan on making that tech obsolete with the newly re-engineered version, which is what they’re committing time to.

As for ‘don’t like’ I’d say privacy. This isn’t necessarily a ‘don’t like’ for me, it’s more that it’s just not a priority for me so I haven’t benchmarked Radix against other projects in this regard, the same way I filter out Layer-1’s on things like TPS & Atomic Composability.


The length of time to give a fully developed product and also that they had a pre sale which makes it iffy with US security law…

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The worry is that they are late to the game, but this can also be an advantage, I dont understand why we cannot get listed on more main exchanges, but i know team trying hard

I dont like that I have to wait 2 years for it to reach its final goal hahah

They are definitely not late to the game. To my knowledge, there is no other competitor who solves blockchain trilemma ( and quadrilemma as well ). So I clearly disagree with that one. :slight_smile:

If i want to address something I don’t personally like: communication. Sometimes there are controversial situations in Telegram, where I don’t understand moderators behaviour. Also, I had a problem where the lack of communication from the Team lead to confusion among many members.

But thats all from my side. I think development is going great, we are on track, and I love the community - many technical experts, and there is always someone to help you.

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I noticed that a lot of people tend to complain about the teams marketing and their lack of communication. I partly agree.

The fact is that the idea and goal behind the project is kinda technical, but it is very thorough (the radix learn section is very helpful in this case). If the community wants more marketing for average users just for the purpose of getting individuals (the so called moonboys) to buy in, then I think it’s up to us - as a community - to start generating more helpful and genuine content and discussion.

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Just waiting is the toughest thing to say.
But if the developer’s results are worth the wait now, it could be sweet stuff in the future, Maybe nothing wrong.
And wait for the next Wen cycle.
Wen listing, Wen marketing, Wen event, Wen scrypto.

I disappointed because this is a potential project than sol, luna but why not listed on big cex like binance, kucoin Or huobi.

Radix would rather spend its budget on more R&D staff and time. the best thing about Radix is it’s not just another copy-pasta or slightly better version of eth. more budget spent on R&D the better. in 2 or so years Radix will have plenty left in the budget to work on xrd and maybe hire more staff to ensure smooth running. if they blow the next 40year budget on advertising and exchange listing, then they may not have enough to provide decent customer support or even pay current staff. i don’t think it worth the gamble/risk. many disagree saying price will pump if Radix spends half its budget getting Coinbase listing. main problem is its non-profit so arguably they can’t recoup losses by using normal bank/wall street tricks like hiking up prices or cutting themselves off a slice. afaik being a nonprofit org makes hostile take overs nearly impossible. if they weren’t non profit then one could simply buy all the shares and take over. being nonprofit it doesn’t have shares so we don’t have to worry about being taken over by commies or oligarts etc. would be nice though some billionaire moonboi spending millions to make their bag worth more temperelery for quick profit. all our rich moonbois seem to be in it for the long haul. hope this helps some how, took me ages to write (i’m very slow typer)

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I think this is one of the plusses. Many projects raise funds first, then try to figure out what they’re building and how to do it. Radix spend a long time in R&D phase, figured out what they want to build w/ the end goal in mind, THEN asked for people’s money to bring its vision to life.

Securities law in US, I understand the frustration with that, but it does seem like the team is very serious about legal compliance so fingers crossed.


Many coins get quick listings because they are not new technology. E.g. just adding another ERC-20 token to Coinbase lets Coinbase use alot of pre-existing infrastructure they built out from other ERC-20 token projects. Similarly many ‘new’ projects are just tweaks to other blockchains so the implementation is similar.

Radix is a completely unique network so there’s a lot more work exchanges need to do to support the asset. Even getting on Bitfinex required the RDX Works team to make some custom tools just for Bitfinex because the team wanted to ensure some liquidity and access.

Also, the design of the network is evolving. The Olympia launch & API’s etc for transacting with the network were different from what they are now. Exchanges probably didn’t see the value in putting in work to list XRD when the functionality would be destroyed once the network got upgraded. The network has been upgraded for the relevant parts (I think in Dec/Jan) and since then exchanges have been able to work on solutions that are fit for purpose and future use. It looks like we’re seeing a few smaller players finally reaching the implementation stage given recent exchange announcements & I suspect more to come.

The details above are from info shared by the team. Buried in things like the Radix Roundtables.