Lets talk $FLOOP

Greetings beautiful #Radix addicts!

I wanted to hear your thoughts on $FLOOP. What do you think about $FLOOP in terms of a long term investment as well as in general? Do you think the CaviarSwap price ($10,280 USD) is reasonable? Would you buy $FLOOP just to save on trading fees on CaviarSwap? I personally wouldn’t buy $FLOOP for that reason, I look at it from an NFT perspective. At the moment, I’m torn between pulling the trigger on a full single $FLOOP purchase (for long term holding) vs purchasing a rare scorp worth the same dollar amount or ~10 floor scorps. What do you guys think?


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1 FLOOP is actually 1k in usd, not 10k

approx ~1k

I think currently $floop is worth more than it really is. I might choose to collect some other NFT, staking, or do Play for more value.
it is not necessary to buy a floop just to trade CEX. after all at this time dex is not active only cex with amm.

What I did not understand for a long time, is the utility of the $FLOOP token. We only knew that only 1000 exist, but not what will it be used for. Therefore, I didn’t have any interest in it.

Now that it gives you a discount on CaviarSwap, there is finally a utility. Holding/Buying the token might be risky, since you don’t really know what to expect from it in the future.

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