List of Radix Partnerships

Partnership are so important, here is a list of the current ones, are there any other big ones coming up? Or is this something Radix does not talk about or is not allowed too ?

Ren Protocol
Copper Partner

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We can talk about existing partnerships, they only keep unconfirmed partnerships as secret, since this is how the business model works.
I would very look forward to make a partnership with a project concentrated on privacy: this is a field where Radix can benefit a lot from also.

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Maybe you have already seen the Ginetta from Michael Johnston Racing.

How do you like it if Radix has a partnership in the future with a big club or organisation in Sport?
Here are some examples:

Inter Milan / Socios:

Lazio Roma / Binance

AS Roma / digitalbits

Udinese Calcio / Kiba Inu

Red Bull Racing / bybit

UFC / vechain

do you think that such a partnership will pay off in terms of gaining new “customers” and brand awareness
or is it just wasted money?

I think they are very useful, because any exposure is good, I dont know what the cost is to be honest for something like this, but Its good to associate the radix brand with our brand with other trusted brand names. I know the one with oci pid of they got ALOT of new people join oci because of sponsoring Lawrence.

well, it’s very expensive. here are the numbers:

Inter Milan / Socios - about 20 Million Euros per year
Lazio Roma / Binance - about 10 Million Euros per year
AS Roma / digitalbits - about 12 Million Euros per year
Udinese Calcio / Kiba Inu - ??
Red Bull Racing / bybit - 50 Million USD per year
UFC / vechain - 20 Million USD per year

As you can see a top brand or club will cost minimum about 10 million euros per year.

Wow, i would say no then , not yet, its a hard one cause when you grow more you have more money for this type of stuff, but when you a big you dont need the exposure so much, I think it has a place to advertise with brands but at the moment not at the highest level , also need to see what type of market we are in , its better to advertise in the bull market

Having sponsorship with the world of entertainment, music, live events and so on is essential, and this is not only the case of crypto. As Italian, seeing crypto sponsorship on soccer team t shirts give to the average viewer a sense of “wow, so this binance/socios/digital bits should be some trustworthy stuff, otherwise it wouldnt be on my favorite team t shirt”.
So having more and more partnership is essential to get to ride the hype.

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You know what would be really cool a Radix concert, like a music event in the park called Radix fest or something like that, do you know what I mean with Rad girls walking around answering questions giving out flyers ect

I don’t see how this has anything to do with our current partnerships, but if it can stay, here is my take:

Personally I don’t believe that in music industry is where Radix can gain some extra popularity. I would rather concentrate on big crypto events (just like the Team is already doing), and estabilish partnerships with well-known sport players.

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