Marketing Checklist for Radix Projects

Marketing Checklist for Radix Projects

By Rock Howard, December 2, 2022

There are several immediate opportunities for Radix Projects to get noticed. Here are some of them.

  • Sign up to speak on Thomas Gaffney’s Radix Town Hall Twitter Space

It may already be too late but if you have a leading project make sure to have your spokesperson
ping Thomas at @Gaffney_Thomas5 on Twitter to line up a speaking slot on one of his Radix Town Hall
Twitter Spaces which will be on December 6th and 7th at 4 to 6 PM UTC.

  • Get on the Radix Works “Health of the Ecosystem” list

Fill out this Radix Works form to get on the Radix Works radar. With upcoming marketing initiaitives and a forthcoming grant coming soon, you want to make sure that Radix Works knows about your project.

  • Get listed by the Radix Community Council

The Radix Community Council is an independent entity that, among other things, publishes a Radix Community Chart that highlights ecosystem members. Visit their website and select the Ecosystem tab and follow the directions to get your project listed.

  • Reserve your XRD Domain(s) as part of the Radix Name Service Sunrise Inititiative

Radix projects, validators and ambassadors can reserve their XRD domain from the Radix Name Service by having the person who will administer your domains join their discord and mention the Sunrise Initiative. If there are questions, you can contact me personally on Telegram at @rock_howard or else submit your questions on discord.


Please share this checklist with Radix Projects that you care about. Thanks!

This is a great idea! A must for new project creators.
I would also like to emphasize how valuable the Community Council is. Contact them and they will do their best to help you and your project. They also do interviews!


This is great info. I will revisit.