Mayas Liquid Mining Protocol



The Problem

Private participation in bitcoin mining is limited by the high costs of running a mine and miners currently have few options to exit mining. Presently there is no market where speculators can effectively invest in or trade an elastic asset like tokenized hashrate, and a static tokenized hashrate ends up diluted by the increase in global hashpower. Markets lack a hedge and a secondary market where miners can sell their hashrate for immediate cash.

The Solution

Mayas solves these problems by bringing exchange-grade liquidity to Bitcoin mining by means of dynamic tokenized hashrate on the radix ledger. The system tokens, Mayas and MLP, are collateralized by mining power and liquidity. Staked tokens receive Bitcoin rewards according to the mining power staked and also farm Mayas tokens on each vesting interruption. Since speculators can determine the market price of Mayas & mLP by the discounted cashflow model (DCF) of the underlying mining power, both tokens can be used as a Bitcoin-leveraged token which is free from liquidation risk. Mayas Liquid Mining Staking creates an effective market for Bitcoin mining by opening the industry to speculators in the same way Grayscale Trust brings institutional liquidity to Bitcoin.

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