More than one wallet under one seed phrase, how to separate them?

I hope that my question is clear enough.
When you install and generate official Radix wallet you can make more than one address.

I would like to use one address in mobile wallet but do not want to compromise other one.
Is it possible to separate them and generate different seed phrase for each one?

Thank you in advance for your reply.

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I don’t think there’s an automatic way to do what you’re asking for. Manually though, on desktop what I would do is create two separate wallets with two different wallet.json.

So I would create one wallet normally, then rename the folder


to something like radix-olympia-desktop-wallet1. Then open the Radix Wallet again and it should look like you never made the first wallet, so create a new one, which will be the second wallet.

Then when you want to switch back to the first wallet just rename the current radix-olympia-desktop-wallet folder to radix-olympia-desktop-wallet2, and radix-olympia-desktop-wallet1 to radix-olympia-desktop-wallet.

You could also create a simple Batch script to easily switch from one wallet to another automating the renaming of folders.
Let me know if this is what you had in mind.


Thanks Mattia.
I already have 2 wallet addresses in my desktop wallet with one seed phrase.
What I want is to have 2 seed phrases, one for each address.
Is that possible?

Having two wallet.json files means you have two different seed phrases. My method should let you do exactly that, since you would have two different directories, one for each wallet and/or seed phrase.