My Submission for the Radix Creative Competition last year

Alexandria, Bridge of the Mediterranean:
great history surrounds this place.
Scrypto is here like the Suez, 
connecting our world by
lugging large loads, this is
Proof of Stake, Byzantine Generals know,
how to work together, 
with Radix nodes,
and now we have Scrypto code, giving us blueprints to build
Great pyramids, not like the last ones, no Ponzi scheme, 
Radix is the real deal, read the blog and you'll see.

It's a long time since I was excited for the future,
Every single day Radix is on more computers,
I really want each and every person on this Earth to thrive;
right now, money is a problem, people struggle to survive,
DeFi is the answer, a financial revolution,
and it didn't start here, let's give a proper attribution;
there's really too many people to thank,
but Ralph C. Merkle seems to take the cake,
but he didn't work alone, that's what is so beautiful,
when people work together any problem is computable,
And thanks to the Radix team, for pushing boundaries
never seen a cleaner road, 
the team sweeps away the dust daily
and with Rust, we will advance safely.