OCI Token price prediction

Guess the token price of OCI after launch?

When launch the Redix Babylon in 2023
With the same time OCI launch. Guess the price of OCI🤑


I’m guessing 1 OCI = 1 OCI :flushed:


I think 2$+ at the end of this year


My prediction It will probably be around $30-$32 for each token in circulation.
With a record estimate of 25M tokens in Circulation.
In this case I’m comparing with DEX Pancakeswap. Maybe this is a very minimum initial target.



1 Oci now 1 Xrd
So, my predict 1 Oci = 10 Xrd


I ran the math and with MC of uni swap at its peak it could be worth 70 dollars a coin!

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First, it really depends on how Radix will perform. That is for sure.
Since the marketcap of OCI is far smaller, I can think it will be at least 1 USD at that time.

@Cryptoshrimp Thats not correct, there will only be 25 million on the market at launch, a billion mc will make each token 40, a uniswap mc will make each token about 100 dollars and this does not include the rewards for staking so yeah it will be huge

@TamasH Much much higher, only 25 million at launch this means 1 dollar will be only 25 million mc, way to low for the first dex on radix

I think 1 OCI would be less than 1 USD…
I don’t see a big usecase for that.

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You dont see a big use case for oci ? Is that what your saying ? Do you know oci si the first dex on radix ?

Well… OCI is planning to become the first dex on radix. This will mean a terrific number of use cases: just give a look at the roadmap.

But in this case it might be a bit difficult because, There will be dex competitors that will appear in the future.
What do you think to see there will be more than one dex.

** I think oci can make atleast $5**

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Based on what ? Do you know there will be only 25 million tokens at launch, I am curious how you got that figure ?

Have you seen OCI price action lately? Last I checked it was 1.47 XRD!! I wonder how high it will be come Babylon. Crazy when you think about it.

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so actually before amm like dogecube there was OTC price for ociswap at first it was 1:2 with xrd. maybe that time was the craziest action performed by oci GOD.
But, well I’ll wait for the actual active dex with a minimum price of $10, Ocinode free oci airdrop.
Don’t forget the other bonuses :slight_smile:

OCI value is really heating up, the rate is now 1 OCI = 1.73 XRD, we might go back to 2. I even see it higher rate later.

It also helps the situation that there weren’t any airdrops recently by the Oci Team. Check back after the next airdrop and we will go back to 1.2 :smiley:

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Everything depends on the broader crypto market and how big of an impact Babylon has more generally - definitely looks like OCI has the hype though and good tokenomics (need OCI for liquidity mining, driving demand for tokens)

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