Ociswap Starlight website is online ✨


:one: The day has come :eyes:
:two: “Wen website”
:three: “Website THOOOOON”

Ociswap Starlight is online
Check it out right now :sparkles: ociswap.com

We are really looking forward to your feedback and will continue to develop and optimize this website in a live state to be able to offer many practical features even before Babylon :fire:

  • Token overview with practical information like the total supply
  • A constantly updated graph about the current popularity of the project across different portals, also the number of wallets plays a role
  • Regularly updated FAQs
  • Dedicated area to the current airdrop to better aggregate information
  • much more THOOON

Enough talk, meow! :cat2: ociswap.com