Off-topic section

An off-topic forum section would be nice, for threads that are not easy to place into any of the existing categories.

I think it would make sense to keep posts at least somewhat related to radix but can’t fit into existing categories. Maybe some others would disagree and also find value in a thread like “What’s your favorite video game of all time” as they would build a community, but I’m more interested in the former.


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll keep it in mind.
If more users are interested in an off-topic section, like the original post so I can gauge interest. :slight_smile:

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I think it’s fine to have general off-topic section. Maybe some threads could be interesting to many users.

Although we have Chat/Discussion, is that adequate section for offtopic?

Chat/Discussion is still related to Radix, for example discussing about Radix uses (like the recent Play to Earn thread) or whatever goes on in the Radix ecosystem. I think the OP is talking about off-topic, so things not related to Radix.

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OK, so new general off-topic section then :slight_smile:

Yes, or things tangentially related to radix, such as web3 or marketing or meetups. I got the sense that the chat/discussion is about “radix the network”, not “radix and anything slightly related to radix”

Chat and Discussion can be used for things not related to Radix as well, like Web3 and other cryptocurrencies, as long as they’re related to that niche (blockchain, cryptos, technology, etc…). Talks about Radix marketing can go there too. I might think about creating a “Trading/Marketing” category in the future, if users are interested in that topic.

For meetups there’s a category inside the “Community” category.

The offtopic category will be created once the contest is over :slight_smile:

If you guys have other ideas or feedback please feel free to post them!


would be very cool to have an off topic section. sometimes you need to talk also about other things.

I think it would be also to have a beginners section and also like an education hub. I dont know if you have this in a sub category but should be at the top.

For beginners section (like how to use the forum?) we have @discobot who does a great job in my opinion. For beginners and education about crypto, there are many crypto specific questions in the Questions subforum, I don’t think a new category is needed.

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

No for people who are band new to radix, like all those useful documents, a section to help them slowly try and understand, also FAQ about radix ect ect, yes there are lots of questions all over the place but more just for newbies on Radix stuff.

A section for that purpose would be too much. We can write one post (just like main TG welcome mssage), which contains all the information to get you started. We can’t and shouldn’t cover all base information of crypto, that would be out of scope of this forum.

Agreed, there’s no need for a section just for beginners. The questions/help section is enough and we’re starting to get a nice Docs that covers almost everything. If someone’s up for creating a “how to get started with Radix” megathread like @TamasH mentioned we would be set.

An offtopic section will be created at the end of the contest.

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