One strategy to survive bear market and hopefully get some Radix

So the bears ripped you apart, your blood is everywhere and you don’t want to risk any more money?

Hell yeah me too.

Bear Markets are all about surviving so this is one of my survival strategies I came up with.
Which hopefully will help me to buy some more radix in the future and Survive the bear market

So we all know the narrative of Move 2 Earn with Stepn ect. the problem with them often is that you need to make a big upfront payment….which sucks and is not possible cause jup we already lost all the powder thx to this bloody market.

So 6 weeks ago I stumbled across the app sweatcoin. Per 1000 steps you earn 1 sweatcoin. This app has already been around for several years and they have never involved crypto so far. But they’re gonna launch their own token on the Near protocol this summer.

SO WELL ANOTHER MOVE 2 EARN PROJECT……& and you are telling me this one will succeed?

No, it most probably will be complete garbish.

Like most current P2E / M2E projects they are not gonna be able to stabilise their economy and will lose their users and slowly go extinct.

But there are 3 reasons why in my opinion it is still worth to check it out:

  1. It is free. It is basically an airdrop.
    For every Sweatcoin you earn now you will get the equivalent amount in their crypto token SWEAT if it launches this summer. So you possibly still have 1-2 months to walk,run or cycle and collect sweat. Yes it also works with cycling which is amazing if you already cycle a lot

  2. You potentially get some free cash.
    When it is launched I am gonna cash out and exchange it to Radix. The possible ways of cashing out are not clear yet. But it is free so basically there is no risk of losing money.

  3. Next to all the crypto stuff you even might move a bit more which will make you overall fitter but most important during these tough times improve your mood and make you happier. In the end it is all about touching that grass :wink:

If you wanna check it out here the link to the mobile app: Sweatcoin: Healthier planet. Healthier, wealthier you

Last tipp: Don’t even get tempted to buy the premium service, rather put that money into Radix!!!

The whole idea is to make a bit of money without any initial investment

Do the free premium trial for 7 days in a time where you can move a lot by doing so I managed to get 200 Sweatcoins in 7 days and didn’t do much extra just here and there 20min of walk extra with my favourite podcast which honestly is a great thing to do.

Here a concrete plan of action which I am following:

Download app, set it up and get it running (very easy and intuitive UI), don’t forget to opt into the walking for crypto promotion, it will be an option when setting up.
Get used to it for a couple of days and if wanted start to use the 20min double boost for a 20min walk a day.

Determine a slot of 7 days where you are going to be active already because of work or free time activities use this slot to get free premium trial. The premium makes you earn double and removes the maximum earn amount per day, so really take advantage of that !!!Cancel it before real subscription starts!!! You don’t wanna pay any money

Make a lot of steps in those 7 days

After subscriptions is over max out 10k steps a day. Or take it chill like me and do around 5k day.

These amounts sound maybe a lot but if you already travel a bit to work back and forth with a bike you got already quite some steps in.

And when Crypto token launches cash out and get yourself some Radix.


Oh gosh just looked at this, its by pi, oh my word is garbage , the bottom of the barrel, Pi crypto is like multi level marketing scheme , on principal I just cannot have anything to do with it lol

@Ratty You are sure? I just did a quik google search and these guys founded the app in 2014 Oleg Fomenko, Anton Derlyatka, Danil Purshev and Egor Khmelev and looking quikly I cannot find the link to Pi crypto

What do you find exactly?

I mean anyways don’t put any money in it! Just walk and maybe you get something out of it
At least on the official campaign website I also couldn’t find it but again I looked quikly so if you found something would love to see it

Here the site maybe you find something:

On this link (.Sweatcoin: Healthier planet. Healthier, wealthier you) it says pi invites you ect

Ah now I understand XD…well the Pi is just my username in that app