Passive income through decentralized applications

Surely each of you has already thought about this topic. Earning a living with passive income. But if you don’t have a huge fortune at your disposal, this is often difficult. What opportunities do you see on Radix?

Providing liquidity on a DEX is promising. You can earn a share of the fees on the DEX. Unfortunately, I will not be able to provide that much because my capital is small.

Therefore, I hope that DAOs will reward active participation in decision-making processes. For example, if I get involved on @Delphibets and help validate bets, I could share in the fees of the protocol. Or if I monitor compliance with the guidelines to ensure that no one opens radical right-wing bets or bets that endanger the community. This is the kind of thing I would like to see so that I can participate in earning models even with little capital.

Do you think of anything in particular? What could you imagine? What possibilities are there for passive income for those whose wallet has little balance?


I think the best way to earn passive income will be a dex, ociswap is a good investment now, the team trust the founders and just DCA in to oci, if you get in really early at the bottom then you can have passive income even when market is at lowest

Thank you for your reply. But in particular: What if I have little capital available? OCI or other DEXs won’t do me much good there.

That’s really interesting! Do you have any example of applications like this on other chains? It could give someone the idea to build something on Radix!

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That’s not the point. It is a theoretical consideration of how to put those who have little on an equal footing with the rest. There should be models that reward people with little capital for for their participation in decentralized processes :slight_smile:

That OCI will be a good investment, I can agree with you!


I had given one example with @delphibets. There, those who keep the protocol trustworthy and functional through their supervision could be rewarded. That would be independent of the sum on their wallet. I think dApps can give so many disadvantaged people a chance to get closer to the privileged masses through their global accessibility.

If there would be a DApp that does market research, everyone could be rewarded by giving them data. A cross-radix control system is also conceivable. An entity paid by a federation of dApps that allows everyone to report security-critical vulnerabilities and faulty codes. Suggestions for improvements could also be made. Attentive users could be recompensed for this. Or how about decentralized news or information systems?

I don’t know of any concrete examples on other networks. But I would really like to develop something like that. I have ideas, but unfortunately no programming skills :rofl:


Reduce your cost of living to <$20,000 a year

Stake more than $200,000

Done :white_check_mark:

Haha, well played! :rofl:

And next to this? Do you have any ideas about my question?

Maybe initially staking is the easiest reward to get passive income. Apy 14% is already very high if I can say.
The staking airdrop program could be a passive income solution, at least until the end of this year.
When the smart contract is present all the reward may be programmed in a unique and separate system.

We can earn passive income through decentralized platform by buy dex token by doing dca and by adding liquidity on that dex. And we also secure on fund on dex.

i remember saying ociswap will bring the newest dex model, and shift the old model dex like uniswap and pancakeswap. with orderbook and other things like professional Cex but in dex.
Liquidity mining may be one of them but currently there is only staking xrd for all passive income.

I am with you in what you are reporting. But with the basic assumption that you have zero available capital. Sort of passive income of the human mind? What dApps can you think of?

Staking at 14% is already very nice (ignoring XRD downtrend, lol) so for projects offering liquidity mining incentives they will have to compete with staking apy and offer more than that in order to encourage people to unstake and provide liquidity with them.

Given this I expect there to be some very good opportunities once Babylon launches.

Staking is of course the safest bet, so there’s a balance to be had, with maybe only some of your portfolio in riskier projects built on Radix

Asking for a way to make a passive income without capital is a very tricky question. Passive means: you do not do something other than sitting and collecting your money. When you need to spend 12h a day on a Dapp to make some money I wouldnt quite count this as passive.

The only way of really sitting and getting money for basically nothing is by providing your money to others. And I am sorry to say, that only works if you have money.

Thats the whole point of rich getting richer and poor staying poor (some exceptions).