Pitching Radix to Vitalik

Suddenly you are in an Elevator luckily or weirdly Vitalik Buterin is in it to.
You collect all your courage and pitch Radix to him in the hope he would stop working on ETH and redirect all his resources to the development of the Radix network.

The elevator is moving fast.
How would you pitch Radix to Vitalik?

So,whats the current gas fees bro ? Lol , do you know what need a scaling solution or a billion people that will never slow down. coughh…radix…cough cough Lol, no really but like bro…maybe it aint block chain tech right , every thought of something beyond standard block chain tech ?


Since Vitalik expressed many times that atomic composability is important, I would probably start the first by saying that Radix solves it. I would also explain how Radix will be a fully sharded network, and also showcase the previous protocol (Tempo) 1.4m TPS performance. If we have enough time, I would also hint Scrypto and its advantages against building on EVM. :wink:


Good strategy!
I think Scrypto should be for sure mentioned since he is also a coder he will understand the impact of a lego block data base for coders and the reward system

Made me laugh

That will for sure work Especially the cough cough Radix!

His reaction
Vitalik is completely convinced directly swaps all his ETH into Radix and shoots dan some juicy DM’s

Two people, an elevator and few minutes to start a conversation (maybe just one minute) to get straight to the point.

Well, I will simply give him a piece of paper with R A D I X written in capital letters, and once the doors of the elevator open, I will off the stage with something like: " Because Radix is not the hero Ethereum deserves, but the one it needs right now"

You know you’ve hit the target after receiving a reaction like this:


This qouate is hitting for sure at the right spot!

Here Vitaliks reaction:
After you have left Vitalik is exteremly confused.

He stares at the paper trying to make sense of all that.

Ding the doors of the elevator opens and a man walks in …doors close…

Vitalik suddenly following and impulse asks the man if he knows what RADIX means. Suddenly Dan Hugh starts to smile as he starts talking. Right in that moment you pull the fire alarm so that the elevator gets stuck and Vitalik and Dan have some hours together to become friends