Please consider adopting the rules of civil conversation

This new site is up, I thought of this as a new user when I reviewed

I’ve agreed to these rules, and invite others to do the same :


Hi and welcome to RadixTalk!
Some of those rules are already present in the FAQ, do you feel like some are missing? Which would you prioritize?

Thanks for the reply, @Mattia. Please don’t get me wrong, I think the existing rules of conduct for this site are excellent. They are a combination of reminders to be professional and helpful in our approach, with some more detailed terms that are more specific to the particular medium of this environment. The reason I suggested the link I did was to point to a site that for many years now has built on a set of common ethical principles that has been widely recognized across the globe. Adding this might serve to enhance the already excellent rules of conduct, even to the point of having people voluntarily sign up publicly stating that they will adhere to these principles, which might help them filter/focus their interactions in many forums in addition to this one.

With that said, I do have one specific suggestion:
New users may not know exactly how to “flag a post”, this is likely extremely simple, but having a snippet showing what to do would be helpful.

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Thanks for the suggestions Myles. I’ll add The Rules of Civil Conversation as a gentle reminder in the FAQ and in the Forum etiquette.
I will also write a small guide on how to use the forum. Discourse, the software we’re using for the forum, takes some time to learn and other users had some doubts on how to use other features as well.

Thank you!