$PUMP Token

Hello Radixspehre,
hello best Community in Cryptospace,

we are Pump Token on Radix and we are the No.1 Memecoin around. We love memes, fun and a good community. Also Lambos and Yachts of course. We are having #memeofthedays with custom memes made by users and we have a weekly meme contest.

About the Token:

$PUMP has a total immutable supply of $PUMP token. The distribution within the Radix community for early followers has already started. More than half of the total supply will be airdropped to YOU via a vast variety of fun, entertaining and thrilling community events.

It is scheduled to list $PUMP at the common Radix exchanges before the end of the community token distribution. That’s where the real fun begins - the PUMPING!

Once $PUMP gained recognition, the mission is to aim further to elevate the Radix network and community to be known beyond our little universe. The strategy is to use different social media channels to do community events with impact outside the Radixsphere. The Radix community will be incentivized to take part in that by the continued distribution of $PUMP.

Learn more about our Tokenomics and Roadmap on our website!


Or visit us on our Telegram or Twitter:

TG: Telegram: Contact @Pump_XRD
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pump_xrd

Looking forward to see you soon and PUMP it!

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