Purdue University Case Study: Radix DLT

A fairly positive review and analysis of Radix has been published by ‘Boiler Blockchain’ - Purdue University’s blockchain innovation hub. Read the full analysis here:

Industry Case Study: Radix Distributed Ledger Technology


Thank you for sharing. Interesting the point of view of a lab of a renowned university. After reading caught my attention the “Jespen” report that they refer. I downloaded and it is very long and technical. I wonder if there would someone at radix who already read it and let them know the Radix DLT opinion.


The referred Jepsen report is sure long, but a reputable one, we discussed its findings here, you should really check it out.

About this Purdue Case study: wow, I truly like it! My favourite analysis so far is the one created on blocmates. Compared to it, it really highlights all the advantages our network has in under 10 minutes. I think I’ll add this to my source list for future reference. :wink:

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