Push notification proposal

What do you think about the possibility to receive push notifications related to staking/unstaking/a validator goes down?

From your point of view, how such proposal could be implemented?


I doubt the team would integrate those features in the official wallet. Maybe we will see them in a community wallet one day. But what you’re asking has already been created with a Telegram bot made by the RadixScan guys.

Enables / disables the notification. The following values are possible for the KEYWORD parameter:
‘fee’ The fee data of the validators are compared with those of the last check, notification in case of change.
‘upt’ Notification if the uptime of an active validator (Top 100) falls below 98%
‘chg’ Notification of a change in the validator set (new validator found, known validator gone)
‘reg’ Notification of a change in the validator registration state
‘news’ Get informations about new bot functions
‘test’ Send test notification at next run
‘all’ Enables / Disables all Notifications (including test)
‘rdx###’ Monitoring of this address (not the changes of the staked values!)

Check it out here: RadixScan


Thank you! This is helpful.

I started “hating” Telegram groups as it is really hard to navigate and see important/threaded messages. What’s cool about Radix Talk is that we can move more threads here as it’s easier to keep track.