Raddish Wallet: the first Radix iOS mobile wallet

Raddish iOS Mobile Wallet for Radix DLT

Introducing the Raddish Wallet! Raddish Wallet is the first iOS mobile wallet for the Radix DLT ecosystem!

Features of this wallet include:

  • Wallet creation and imports

  • Multi-wallet, multi-address support

  • Ability to display, send, and receive XRD or any other tokens

  • QR Code reader for receiving payments

  • Ability to stake or unstake XRD to/from any validator

  • Ability to create new tokens

This app can be downloaded and installed on an iPhone from the Apple App Store using the following link:

NOTE: Due to dependence on certain cryptographic libraries, only iOS v.13.0 and above is supported.


Source code for the wallet is available here:

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