Radix Alts and NFTs as a way to leverage your XRD investment

I feel like OCI/DPH (just to name a few) are a way to leverage your XRD investment - just as investing in NFTs.

This is a usual thing for alts in general when comparing them to BTC for example. Also something that happened on other chains like Solana and Avalanche.

When trying to maximize XRD profits it seems to be a good idea to invest heavily in the projects on the dlt. Surely leverage works in both ways so you lose more in comparison to XRD. When the OCI OTC market really started for example, XRD was at about 0.4$ and one OCI went over the counter for like 0.8-1.0$. We dropped a lot since then and so did the OCI/XRD pair, confirming the leverage hypothesis.

When XRD doesnt succeed and goes for -99% in the coming years, I dont really care if I even lose everything since the Radix projects I invested in simply shut down completely. But thats just my opinion and obviously no financial advice.

Same applies to NFTs, but I feel like the leverage here is capped to the downside even. Rarely a projects drops below initial price after selling out.

if XRD is succesfull in the future all alts and nfts will also be succesfull. even if you are selling nfts for the initial price.

you bought radderflies for 30xrd = usd 2.5
you sell radders for 30xrd (price xrd = 1 usd) you will receive 30 usd.

i think we all have to be patient 2-3 years :sunglasses:

Not sure if this answers your question but to me I feel radix will succeed, if so there will be far more upside to oci, my aim now is to hold as much oci as possible because it is valued in xrd and oci can only go up in value, also alot more people are starting to see that you can buy oci, this is a new thing and will increase the price as there are only 25 million at launch, so the price will pump and its good to keep some xrd on the side in case biancne lists it and it goes to 70c then you want to sell some and wait for price to drop again , point is bablyon will already be a good project never mind xian.

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This is a good topic to think about, here are my thoughts:

I completely agree with you that you can leverage great with big projects like OCI on Radix. If you do your own research and invest in quality projects, they will pay out. Risk is higher for sure, but as you pointed out, if Radix goes down, everything will go down with it as well, so you can’t really lose.

I disagree about the NFT part of your statement. There is hype factor there, which you can’t really control. If hype dies out, I think you can’t even sell the NFT for the initial price.

I haven’t thought about it yet, but I basically use this ‘tactic’ at Radix already.

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Do you have a NFT project in mind or do you know any which dropped below initial price after selling out? Did this happen on other chains before?

Sure it remains uncertain how long the hype will last but as we speak i don’t think this has happened. But this might change surely if (and it’s a big if) the hype vanishes

Initial Price 30XRD actual Floor is 25XRD.

I agree with the idea, because it would be easier to make money on radix by holding tokens that are under its ecosystem.
But for NFT it is very speculative, unless NFT has a market that has instant liquidity.

Currently, the Alts radix market cap is still speculative and low, so the potential to fly quite high is very large. Some target ownership of radix tokens like OCi and DGC I’m still trying to meet the plan’s quota.

If you like radix you should try hunting Alts ecosystem.


Oh I didn’t know about this. That’s a good example thank you for pointing that out! I didn’t like the art personally so I didn’t invest which seems to be a good idea to also look out for art you like so it’s a winner regardless!

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