Radix at Consensus 2022

Radix representing at the coin center dinner!


I wish i could get to see your expression but i could manage with your words.

Let me know your felling.

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Radix is really showing strengths in these events. Wish I could be there also.
They posted couple of pictures in the TG channel. We can say we had a great success if we take a look at this picture. :wink:


Also, you can find many other Radix related events here and here.

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I too wish i vould get there somehow.

But its okay they are putting updates in telegram.

i thinkt that is a very good opportunity to present radix to a specific audience. there were other great names on the screen. so i like it :+1:t2:

some events may come new investors but, in some ways. Many big investors don’t care about things like this.

They wait for market conditions with great uncertainty.

But what is certain is that Radix is ​​consistently making new moves in technology promotions and events.And that’s a very big positive point.

Wow they next to some big names there, and they deserve to be, would love to have attended, where was this ?

This is at Consensus 2022, which they’re currently attending.

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The stand looks great and Radix are in amongst some huge names at the dinner!

I wonder what effect it would have if we were in a bull market :face_with_monocle:

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