Radix Community (getradix.com) initiatives


Interviews/community spotlights:


  • Two pager
    • Brief introduction to Radix, the problem with TradFi and DeFi Today, Scrypto + the Radix Engine V2, the roadmap, some of the Radix leadership team’s experience, VC Quotes, some help the Community council can offer, and a list of resources to help newcomers dive in deeper.
  • Protocol Comparison
    • Protocol comparison between Radix, Ethereum, Solana, Terra, Cardano, Avalanche, Polkadot, Near, Cosmos and Algorand, covering scalability, app compatibility, development security, speed of development and developer incentives. Special thanks for Florian Pieper for keeping it up to date.
  • Radix Investment Thesis
    • Detailed information about the DeFi landscape, and Radix’s technology and USP, and why investors might want to consider exploring opportunities in the Radix Ecosystem. Special thanks to Jake for sharing his work on this.

Radix Community Council node

The Radix Community Council runs a dedicated node, with all staking income used to fund marketing and promotion. Key activities and priorities include:

  • Exchange listings
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Events
  • Supporting grassroots community initiatives

Node address: rv1q07997rqft5hxc53p6r6sf7kkwydnqp2320nth7ja7ktkvpmxr6vkhu48se



The Radix Community Council created an ecosystem visualization to help show how big and vibrant the Radix Ecosystem is. If you want a high-resolution version, you can grab it from Sharable Assets - GetRadix.com - GetRadix.com. We tried to include as many as possible, and prioritized as best as we could around community activity. If we’re missing something, reach out to @StefanPersson or @denizdenizdenize and we’ll get it into the next version. Special thanks to radixlist.com for partnering with us to provide us with project listing information on an ongoing basis.

If you can show this tweet some love and help to get it visibility, that would be awesome https://twitter.com/BuyXRD/status/1562124931462209537

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