Radix Curator Rambles - 30/03/2022

Radix Curator

Link to tweet that this follows from - https://twitter.com/radixcurrator/status/1509298507609518087

Lots to say!

Firstly - why aren’t all the NFT projects in this list?

  1. There are a lot more projects since I last made this list, with different sales structures, making this task nearly impossible to do for all with any consistency.
  2. Some projects haven’t really made a stamp on the community, with few sales and personally, I view this as to do with the poor quality of their websites or overall, they’ve shown low-effort.
  3. I may have missed them.

If a project is missing from the list - happy to be challenged on it - and also feel free to make your own.

Some nuances and comments:

Abandoned Scorps is without question the most successful NFT collection on Radix. However, the floor price used here at 400 XRD is recent (and somewhat self-pronounced) and yet to see volume at that level. That said, a lot of Scorps are going at prices well above this - regularly seeing editions going for 1000+ XRD.

Radical Penguins has shot high up on the list to now brush elbows with some of the first projects to launch on Radix - a clap of the flippers to them for this. As a purely NFT based project, they arguably could be considered to be ahead of Scrypto Punks and Nerds Republic - both of which hold the promise of ‘more’. Notably, Penguins allege to have raised over £2 million in charity donations for one penguin, so there’s an argument to be made that they’ve blown all projects out the water.

This leads me to ask, why aren’t all the penguins sold out? Maybe there’s not enough liquidity in the Radix community, maybe people are waiting to see the collection, maybe some people don’t really believe the big donation happened, or perhaps, it just hasn’t dawned on some that a big investor has their eyes on this project and what that might mean.

Radix Collection has been through the rounds of their NFT drops since my last post, raising over 500,000 XRD. Interestingly the collection and the accompanying site seems to be trying to push the Olympia net to its limits with a proto-market place and other features, such as badges. I’m curious why the project hasn’t done better - it has all the things people would usually call for, lots of features, proven delivery, a doxxed developer and a clearly capable team committed to the project. But I don’t think I’m alone in thinking there’s something that just doesn’t quite ‘tickle my fancy’ (British slang for something that’s not desirable)… it could be the artworks themselves and potentially even the sales structure, but that’s my potentially just my personal view. With a pivot to more mature and consistent visuals, I think a lot more traction could be brought to their valuable offering.

However, Radix Collection isn’t the only project with a strong developer core making moves - Artizen and the Raddish Wallet (renamed recently to RadBags) are dipping their toes into the NFT space too. Artizen taking a more retro/pixel approach with Skullzo and Techzillas on their new proto-market place and Radish going for a cute and cuddly look. Artizen have been smart to somewhat ‘artificially’ constrain supply, releasing in small batches creating an early experience of trading for participants. In terms of user experience, I’d rate it as superior to RC’s current platform which feels more disjointed. In my view, Artizen may be taking an early step to be crowned ‘The’ Radix NFT market place - which would be fitting as the creators of the first Radix NFT. Whoever truly wants to win the crown of the Radix NFT marketplace - Radix Collection, Artizen, Scrypto Punks, Oci, Cerby, or others - my only question is… who will pay Korone the most to list Abandoned Scorpions?

Some honourable mentions:

Natty Radishes made some great improvements to their website with the help of Scrypto apprentice Omar.

Root Materials distributed their token and holders appear to value their editions as more than a flip, with owners using their NFTs for their own endeavours.

Radical Robos seems like a fun NFT series and I appreciate that the artist creates additional content using their style, showing some versatility moving forward.


April is lining up to be a packed schedule for NFTs and developments on Radix. I have some more thoughts on these I’d love to share and will make another post about my thoughts on what’s up and coming over the weekend.


Nice analysis, thanks for the insight!

Wow, crypto sure moves fast. Penguins is pretty close to selling out now. I’ll give it probably a month tops. The top 3 by marketcap will be Scorps, Penguins and Nerds then.