Radix Node Validator with rewards

I would like to know how I can run a Radix node and if and how I can earn rewards from it.
I started studying and doing some tests and saw that installed in systemd mode on Linux it has better performance than with docker, the next step would be to place my wallet to receive the rewards.

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If you participate in consensus then yes, your validator earns rewards. To participate in consensus, now until Xi’an, your node has to be in the top 100 by delegated XRD.

You can check the Validator Dashboard to see the top 100: The Radix Dashboard | Explorer, staking & more for Radix
You need at least 4.4M XRD (yours and/or delegated) as of right now

The docs are a great resource to get started, check those links:


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Sorry for my ignorance but I still don’t understand what you mean.
Do I need to have 4M of XRD in my portfolio? or have transacted 4.4M radix on my node?

Sorry, but I depend on the translator to read the texts, so some words are not so clear.

Curiously, I have the same doubt, sorry, I’m new to the subject.

Would this 4.4M radix be in my portfolio? Or would it be 4.4M radix transactions?

To earn rewards, your node needs to be in the top 100. The top 100 is ordered by delegated stake: Radix is DPoS, so to stake you delegate your stake to a node.
The 1st node has 184M XRD staked to it, the 100th node has 4.4M XRD staked to it.

So, to enter the top 100, you need to surpass the current 100th node, so you need at least 4.4M XRD staked to your node. These XRD can be all yours or can be delegated to your node. But you need to incentivize people to stake to your node: people do so with low/zero fees, airdrops, marketing, etc.

4.4M XRD is currently approximately 308000$ which is not a small sum. So, unless you’re rich or you’re a whale, to enter the top 100 you need to get people to delegate stake to your node.

I hope it’s more clear :slight_smile:

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Is there any other type of reward for not being TOP100? Thank you, it helps me a lot to understand

No, there are no rewards for running a node outside the top 100. Just like running a Bitcoin node, you help the network by helping decentralization, but there are no rewards for doing so.
I’d like to add that when Xi’an is released, there won’t be a limitation of 100 nodes for consensus anymore, so every node will be able to participate in consensus and earn rewards.

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Now I understand, thank you very much. And will I have to have 4.4M XRD allocated to my node as it is today, or will there be a greater limitation perhaps?

You can check how many XRD the 100th node has with this very useful dashboard: https://validators.stakesafe.net/
Scroll down to the bottom, currently the 100th node is “:lion: DigiGulden”. See how many XRD has the last node, you need at least that amount of XRD. It may increase or lower.

My understanding is that
a. the time scale to the Xi’an milestone is not known.
If you’re interested in the Radix project, there has been much discussion about this topic, and many opinions and points of view have been expressed. Search the official Telegram chat for this topic.
b. The transition process to Xi’an also has not been mapped out.
When you search on the topic, you will see that one of the points discussed is the number and size of the nodes at that time. There could be larger and smaller nodes, with different capabilities and the amount of staked XRD.
It is a complex mix of possibilities.