Radix Poker Team

The Radix Poker Team is a brand new group that will work to spread awareness and adoption of Radix in the international poker community. We are kicking things off with a telegram group: Telegram: Join Group Chat

I will add a one page outline here shortly to kick off discussion about Team activities and objectives.


Radix International Poker Team

Who we are: A group of Radix enthisiasts who enjoy playing poker.

Our aim: To make Radix well known and respected in the international poker community.

Potential Activities:

  • Play live poker while wearing Radix gear in order to spread the word.

  • Help poker players that we introduce to Radix set up wallets.

  • Expose poker playing crypto influencers to Radix and get them to mention it favorably.

  • Generate or obtain one or more NFT collections of interest to poker players.

  • Create dApps for poker players such as:

    • Stake Kings style staking dapp.

    • Last Longer Bet management dapp.

    • Fantasy poker dapp.

  • Create and distribute swag for this group.

  • Get or set up an online poker site that accepts XRD.

  • Coordinate online or live poker tournaments or ring games for team members.

Idea: Use the Dandelion Project to fund select activities of the Radix Poker Team.


I’m not into Poker personally, so can’t participate, but this is a cool idea for sure. There’s a significant overlap between professional poker players and crypto traders, so definitely a good group to target for generating awareness

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There is now a Radix Poker Club up on the SoPo social poker site. Play online or with the SoPo poker app on Android or iOS. The club ID number is 3042271.