Radix Stokenet migration - from Olympia to Babylon

At approximately 2023-07-10T13:37:00Z Radix Stokenet (testnet) went through its migration from Olympia to Babylon. This marks a huge milestone towards Babylon!


To sum up what happened:

  1. Node runners that decided to participate in the testnet migration prepared 2 Stokenet nodes, one running Olympia and one running Babylon.
  2. The Babylon node is linked to the Olympia node using its API, to query the end-state of the Olympia network.
  3. Once the majority of Olympia nodes signaled readiness for the migration (voting for a fork), a countdown in epochs started, counting down to Olympia’s shutdown.
  4. Before shutting down, the Olympia node creates an “end-state”: a very compact representation (of the network) which can fit in memory.
  5. This triggers the Babylon node to enter “bootstrap mode”, where it will start the data migration in chunks.
  6. Once the data migration is complete, the Babylon node maps this end-state into “Genesis Data”, and stores it on the file system in its ledger data directory.

Until RDXWorks node are fully migrated and synched, the Babylon network won’t work, as the team handles the seed nodes. Without the seed nodes, peers can’t find eachother.

The whole data migration took approximately 2 hours (because of lots of test transactions), but on mainnet it should take only 10/20 minutes according to the team.

I’ve recorded and live streamed the whole migration, if someone’s interested I’ll share it.
If you have any questions or curiosities to ask, please do not hesitate!

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