Radix to update network fees and emissions


So as I understand from this source, network fees will be lower, but also the network emission will be set back to 300M XRD / year (recently it was more due to the faster epoches) if this proposal goes live.

Due to this update, we will see a slightly reduced APY when staking compared to recent times. What I really like about this blog post that they set clear boundaries when this method will be reevaluated in the future. (updating policy)

If you guys have any input on this, feel free to add it!


It hopefully will make the network economical more stable or?

I don’t think this update will have a big impact on xrd holders, but the limits given are very clear and I think that in the future it should continue to be updated because the development of the radix network will be even greater. I hope this will speed up epoch times, and reduce costs.

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What this does, that it ensures the network tokenomics remain stable: we would like to release 300M token / year, not more not less. If the epoches are longer / shorter, it needs to be readjusted.

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