RADIX.wiki is an open-source knowledge base for the Radix ecosystem. Knowledge is power, so the freer and better organized it is, the stronger the Radix community can be and the faster it can grow. Thanks to kind people retweeting our content and a few tentative contributions from the community, we have been able to help visitors from 45 countries and are roughly doubling our reach every 4 weeks.

RADIX.wiki is easy to contribute to and has several advantages over static content:

  1. Utility: Knowledge and experience are wasted if they aren’t shared, but a wiki can amplify and focus the collective wisdom, experience and intelligence of the Radix community, benefitting the whole web3 movement.
  2. Accessibility: Being spread across multiple locations makes information difficult and slow to find, but a comprehensive wiki can make it easier for community members to find the information they need, whether they are researching a topic or solving a problem.
  3. Speed: Information on a wiki can be updated within minutes of a new development, giving an immediate benefit to the community.
  4. Accuracy: Multiple users can contribute and edit content on a wiki, leading to a more comprehensive, balanced, accurate and up-to-date resource that also reflects the diversity of its contributors.
  5. Neutrality: Hype can be off-putting for newcomers, but a neutral voice helps people to view information about Radix objectively.
  6. Simplicity: A user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to contribute to Radix, no matter how small.
  7. Version control: The ability to roll back changes makes it easy to correct mistakes.
  8. Collaboration: Bringing knowledge and creators together in one place increases the collision rate of the community, leading to more projects and shared endeavors that will compound for Radix over the coming weeks and months.

For updates, guidance on how to edit, questions, collaborations or sponsorship enquiries, please connect with us on Twitter @RadixWiki or leave a comment on the site: https://RADIX.wiki Thanks!