RadixCharts summary week 45/2022

Hej all!

Another week, another summary:

As expected the transactions went back to normal level, after all staking airdrops were paid out the week before.

The Penguins fighted back place 3 in the NFT telegram group ranking. Otherwise the ranking is very stable and maybe getting a bit boring over time… Who will be a real challenger?

Newly added to the daily statistics this week:

  • Community: @Radix_Bulgaria, @MidnightClubRadix
  • Non-NFT: @DefiPlaza, @bizwareint, @Radix_CryptoBot

Real winners in the game are @uniscinft:

  • from 117 to 204 members on Telegram and
  • 73 to 210 followers on Twitter

@Cerbyradix maybe got rid of some bots, as their Telegram group went from 481 members down to 236

If you think this is a useful information (biggest gain/loss of members) leave a comment and we will see if we can add it to the regular rankings and statistics that you always find on our website:

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I think it can be very helpful! It helps people find hidden gem and it’s very useful especially for NFTs: people can see which one are the hottest one at the moment and buy them before they’re sold out. For example I had never heard of Unisci NFT, I’ll go check them out now!

Thanks for your work Nelly!

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Maybe you are lucky and can still get one of 100 customized community NFTs :wink:

My guess for the winner of the current week:

But we will see next Monday :smiley: