RadixMarketplace.com & RadixKickstart.com - devs / smm

RadixMarketplace.com and RadixKickstart.com are looking for help.

We have fully developed and now tested transaction software that we offer to the community at nearly cost to help creators and artists do what they do… without hassle or unnecessary charges.
We currently have 12 clients and 3 that just signed today that will be posted this week and 3 over next 2 weeks for 18 total. We expect 30 to 50 by Babylon. We currently put out approx 2 new NFT’s a week and provide all the services necessary to automate this process so the artist doesn’t have to be technical.

We are looking for

  • frontend and backend developers
  • a social media manager/marketing strategist to build up the community (Twitter and Telegram)

DEVS: we use Python, Node and Typescript coupled with React for our upcoming wallet. Also we use HTML/Jquery and CSS for outside website front ends, which we are often consigned to create for our clients.

SMM: - Create the content and manage the editorial calendars for channels including Twitter and Telegram (one post a day at least) / Write social media copies / Help managing the social media communities and reply to comments and messages

Anyone who wishes to help the RadixMarketplace community and help us deliver cool services, please contact me for more info.


Can I ask how many hours per week would the position as for SMM be?

Because I am intrigued by this post and would love to help yet I don’t know if it fits my schedule

I’m sending some info via DM.