RadixTalk is back!

Hi guys,

I decided to bring back RadixTalk with the help of Faraz as an admin and Avaunt as a moderator.
I really believe it can be a resource for everyone, from beginners to developers and node runners, and a forum is the perfect platform for this case. Lots of important and useful information is lost in some Telegram group or in a Discord channel where few will see it. :pensive:

Content may be slow until Radix gets a wider adoption but I’m sure that with Babylon things will change.
I will be doing my best to help push RadixTalk and I hope you guys will contribute as well. The community is our best resource!

I might also consider adding a β€œNews” feature on the forum where updates on Radix and its ecosystem will be posted, just like a blog/news feed. Content writers are welcome (PM me if interested :slight_smile:)

We will also be supported by the Radix Community Council, a big shoutout to them!

Any kind of participation is more than welcome, even posting questions that help us build our Docs (Docs - RadixTalk). You may also get rewarded with some juicy prizes, so start contributing now! (hint: they might sting :eyes::scorpion:)

If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask them here.