RadLock🔒 The first token liquidity and team vesting service on Radix!

Project Details

The Radix ecosystem needs a safe and more assured way to invest in new projects.

Introducing the first token locking and team vesting service on Radix:

RadLock – Token liquidity locking and team vesting

RadLock is focused on complete transparency and safety when investing in new projects. Its hard to identify if a project is committed to their goals and willing to put in the time. Token locking and team vesting is an essential part of trust and transparency in a project or user. Post Babylon, we aim to provide the following services:

1.Token/Liquidity lock - Tokens are locked for an amount of epoch time. Until the epoch has been met, the lock creator is not able to withdraw their funds.

2.Team vesting - Projects that involve a team can vest their share of tokens. Tokens are locked and periodically unlocked in batches where members can withdraw their share.

3.Token Launchpad - To tie everything together, we will provide an easy and intuitive way to create tokens and lock or vest them straight after creation.


TBD. As we all know tokenomics can either make or break investments, decentralisation and opportunities. We want to get this right and so we are hard at work to shape the service first as that will influence the tokenomics.


  • Snjak
  • Talesofbeem
  • Slysmik

Our team has over 5+ years in software development with varying experiences as contractors, employees as well as entrepreneurs.

Telegram: t.me/radlock
Twitter: twitter.com/radlockio
Website: radlock.io


Thank you I just posted yesterday asking about launch pads, this is a great service, since we have had a few rugs (cerby), Launch pads also a great way to invest in cheaps tokens, so will you do something like we lock in xrd into the project and then get tokens cheaper before they hit market, dependent on how much you stake like trustswap ? Is that how it would work ?

Thats a good question! At the moment, we are entirely focused around the first 2 services, namely token locking and team vesting. The launchpad in this case will be a one-stop shop to lock/vest right after creation of a token which can end up being cheaper as you’ve decided to create the token through RadLock. In theory, you can lock any token through RadLock and show your wallet, through RadLock, it will show details of all locked tokens (for example XRD). You can add liquidity at any point of the lock to show the community, any earnings have been locked. This is up to the discretion of the project creator. We are currently understanding additional use cases on all fronts (that is possible only through Scrypto!). Hope that answers your question.

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While I understand you can’t go deep into the tokenomics, can you talk about what will be the usecase of your token (assuming you are making your own token),and how will its demand/price be affected?

Most intuitive way of making money from your service is to take a fee in XRD from the tokens locked I suppose, so how does your token fit into all of this?


Hey! Firstly, we want to make it clear that the purpose of our token is mostly community driven and will not be centralised in allocation. Secondly, we have a few basic ideas of the utility that are:

  • Discounts on locking/vesting schedules/launchpad when holding RadLock
  • Pay in RadLock at a lower cost when wanting to lock/vest/launch
  • Premium features will be available to holders
  • Active members who lock/vest/launch regularly may be rewarded in RadLock
  • Projects with a high trust score and consistent progress/promise may be awarded in RadLock

These are just some of the features we are thinking however these ideas could very well change depending on the implementation. We mostly want to ensure investors/builders are incentivized to use our platform to build trust among themselves and we believe some of these ideas will help us to achieve this goal. I would like to reiterate, these are very much subject to change/refinement as we are evolving. Hope this helps!