RNS (xrd.domains) Sunrise Initiative

Thread for questions and discussion around the following RNS initiative: Radix Name Service :globe_with_meridians:


I’ll start with a question: how will it work? Like, will I be able to send XRD to someone from the native wallet by entering their domain name, or will it only work on custom wallets?


So pre-Babylon:

We’d like to present an accurate representation of how everything will work (centralised and guarded, to ensure that it’s used for illustrative purposes only). We’re currently developing a chrome extension, which can of course be used for redirect or to resolve addresses (experimental only). Any transaction / address inspection services that plan on using the centralised resolver can also use the API.

Upon Babylon:

  • Any wallet that implements the decentralised resolver (we’ll provide an easy integration SDK) will allow people to send and receive funds using human readable addresses.
  • Anyone using the XRD Domains / RNS browser extension will be able to use dApps that are hooked up to .xrd domains.
  • Third parties will be able to implement the SDK in order to leverage the above functionality from within their own services too.
  • A membership / organisation insignia (similar to blue tick badges), in the form of a higher order domain will be able to sign addresses / domain mappings to allow senders to quickly identify if team members / associates / contacts are genuine. In the same spirit and style of the Radix ecosystem as a whole, this is just one of many security first models (via tools and DX / UX) that’s in the pipeline.

Keep in mind that this project is independent to Radix / RDX Works. We’d likely fork, implement and publish a pull request to any official wallet, if the code was publicly available in future. Merging these changes / implementing the service would be at the total discretion of RDX Works.

This is effectively ENS for Radix, including what will be a DAO, however with much more functionality in mind (we have a chunky list of backlog items!) and a very different organisational structure - we intend to return the vast majority of .xrd proceeds to community stakeholders, but this will be another topic for the future as the legalities are currently being explored -watch this space! :grin:

Also, as with ENS, the resolver is text based, almost any crypto will be able to be received and routed via one’s RNS address, as long as they’ve added the BTC address record and the wallet used has implemented the RNS service. So not just XRD / tokens, one could receive BTC via the .xrd address if they wish.

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Very interesting - thank you for the thorough explanation!
So, if I got it right, each domain name can be linked to both a rdx1 wallet address and (correct me if I’m wrong) an IP address (since you mentioned dApps)?

For example, with radixtalk.xrd:

  • if used on a wallet, will translate to an rdx1 wallet address
  • if used on a browser, will translate to an IP address (this website)
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My pleasure!

Yes, so you’ll be able to setup ‘records’ and also utilise subdomains which will allow you to forward any integration to a particular address or string e.g. you’ll be able to hook the domain up to an IP, or even better, an IPFS deployment :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you use the same address for multiple integrations? Yes, absolutely. The resolver will allow integrations to request the resource for a specific use case. So you can use the domain for both receiving XRD (or any supported token for that matter) and websites. We’re going to extend beyond these boundaries as well in time (TBA in due course) :sunglasses:

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