ScryptDole Whitepaper v 0.1 - Universal Basic Income on Radix

ScryptDole Whitepaper v 0.1 Google Doc

Hi everyone. This is a new take on cryptocurrency UBI that we’re renaming “Social Basic Income” because it’s designed to intentionally let the market set the price levels, not aiming to peg or securitize with any asset. The proposal would send 100 ScryptDole tokens to each user each month, and hopefully this 100 unit basis makes it easy for anyone to see what a purchase is as a % of their monthly income. Ideally this will fuel the narrative that this is a better means of pricing some assets, not fiat or other currencies. (It inverts/flips the script so that other currencies will ask about how to peg their finance to the UBI :slight_smile:


This is something really interesting, thanks for the insights. This is another proof of the huge potential behind scrypto and the entire ecosystem.

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