Scrypto Punks

Scrypto Punks

The 1st ever Punks-inspired NFT collection on Radix! Besides really cool avatars, we seeks to become the reference in terms of community-driven project on this ecosystem.
Owning one of these masterpiece in your wallet gives you several advantages: rewards from staking, reduced fees on NFT marketplace, DAO membership, access to IRL events, and much more!

Price of each NFT: 50 XRD




after the “launch” of scrypto punjs, how do you like the new designs?

i’m a little bit disappointed, to much ciggies and nothing spectacular. i had the hope they will change a little bit more.

Um i think they are ok I am not a huge fan of punks, I have about 20 , I think the art is to basic but they are ok for what they are, others seem to like this.

Comparing that 2 months ago the project seemed to die out, I think they stood up great. I also feel their NFT is kinda okay, and trading has already started with a great amount. I just don’t like that they are only present in Discord.

They are not they have also reopened he TG group its very active.

I know about the TG group, but they don’t interact with us there. They use it only for let the trading happen, there is no official communication from them unlike other projects. So they are basically not present there, just made the group open / public once again, and that is it.

Hey guys! I’m new to the radix eco. This was obviously the first place I landed. What do you guys recommend? Where do I go? What do I buy? HELP ME!! LFG!!!

Hi there and welcome to Radix! :slight_smile:
ScryptoPunks are sold out, but there are plenty of NFTs that you can still buy.
Take a look at Vikingland, a mature NFT marketplace for Radix:

There are also other marketplace, you can find many other projects on Radix Ecosystem.