List of NFTs on Radix DLT

Summary list of NFTs on the Radix Ledger


NFT Preview Name Brief description Price
Sample NerdsRepublic Nerds Republic is the first collection of 10,000 unique characters living on the Radix DLT. 150 XRD
image Abandoned Scorpions A collection of 10,000 unique pixelart scorpions living on the Radix DLT. 20 XRD
image HOARD The collection consists of 10,000 unique Hoard Coins influenced by several historical eras. 25 XRD
image Artistizen 25 Radix Team Tributjects in 100 sets to celebrate the launch of Scrypto. Variable
image RadicalStriker’s Genesis Rifles The first game with collectible and tradable items powered by Radix DLT. 100 XRD
image CaviarNine The first NFTs to be on-chain on the Radix ledger! Currently not for sale
image Scrypto Punks The 1st ever Punks-inspired NFT collection on Radix! 50 XRD
image Natty Radishes Collection of 4096 radish NFTs 22 XRD
image Enter the Radtrix Pick your favorite Lambo NFT! From 10 to 80 XRD
image The Shekel Project The Early Mesopotamian $SHKL on Radix DLT. N/A
image Radix Collection 7 avatar series to be released before Babylon, each with 5 to 7 characters. 200 NFTs for each character. 220 XRD or 2000 RADC
image xrdGlory How high do you think the price of XRD will go? A new kind of NFT project that depends on the price of XRD. Variable
image Root Materials Root Materials is a collection of 200 unique 3D renders of the Radix symbol inspired by the first ever Radix NFT. 250 XRD
image Badix Universe A virtual economy/universe simulation game on the Radix ledger dedicated to providing NFTs with utility-based value. 50 XRD Rugpulled
E46e2TX Ratix NFT art collection of 10,000 unique Rats coming to live exclusively on the Radix network. All original artwork has been created from scratch and with love. 50 XRD
RadLads RadLads RadLads is a collection of 10,000 Radical Lads on the Radix network. 25 XRD or 20 OCI
image Sons of Heaven 5,020 Sons of Heaven follow the Emperor’s Call in one of these ranks: Infantry, Cavalry, Officer, the Royal Assassin or the Imperial Family itself. 250 XRD
image Radogs The loyal friend of Radix. Fully integrated with the Radix wallet. Automated reservation system. No manual processing. Only 10.000 Radogs created. There is a companion for everyone! 25 XRD
image RadApes First and coolest apes on Radix! RadApes is an NFT series featuring 10,000 AI-generated apes. 50 XRD
image RadThings Radthings live in the Radiverse of Radix DLT. 10,000 original NFTs inspired by the Radix community which can be reserved now in advance of Radix Babylon release. 20 to 30 XRD
radixlist Radical Penguins The Radical Penguins colony is the first Penguins and 3D next level NFT art Radix! 175 XRD
image Radix Ratz High quality illustrations of different Ratz, ranging from the Radix Team to crypto names like Michael Saylor. 50 XRD
image Radixville HOMEs 10,100 unique evolving artworks of HOMEs on Radixville. 40 XRD
AmazedRetroTechzillas Amazed Retro Techzillas Pixelart. Collection of 10 000 unique NFTs. Amazed Retro Techzilla is the official mascot of the ART token. 100 XRD
video Spike Bros Spike Bros is an art NFT consisting of 10000 randomly generated space cacti. 40 XRD or equivalent in DGC
photo_2022-01-31_15-35-25 Alpha Radish A 10,000 unique Radishes designed to act as a “keycard” for holders and collectors to unlock special features on the Radish Platform that will be built on the RADIX DLT. To be announced
image Roidboiz 9,936 unique Roidboiz NFTs occupying the farthest shards of the Radix Shardspace. PRESALE: 100XRD / 200,000DGC
dachshunds-preview Dapper Dachshunds A collection of 10,000 unique pixel art dachshund NFTs. 35 XRD
image Radix Panda 10 000 unique Panda NFTs have found their way onto the Radix DLT. Each of them has distinctive features that distinguish them from the rest. Truth be told, they are all adorable! 20 XRD
image Radical ROBOS 5,000 unique Robo NFTs on Radix. 100 XRD
image Egx 2022 Egx 2022 - A festive NFT collection of 2022 randomly generated Easter Eggs for #RadixMaxis & #RadixHodlers 20 XRD
radheads|100% RadHeads RadHeads is a 3D #FT collection of 10,000 unique heads designed to represent the #Radix community! 20 XRD
image INVADERZ SOLD OUT 20 HOURS and 33 minutes! - 10,000 Unique INVADERZ NFT’s for the Radix Ecosystem. 20 XRD
image Bobcat Society The Bobcat Society are a collection of 4,444 cute, cuddly Bobcats. 75 XRD
image Mutant Cat Society The first mutants have evolved on $XRD! Full collection launch with 6,666 mutant cats and random allocation 80 XRD Radical Shards RadicalShards is a Generative Art NFT collection of 10,000 unique shards on Radix! 20 XRD
image Scrypto Heroes Scrypto Heroes is a collection of 10.000 heroes NFTs on the Radix network with PvP and P2E game and 4 different Hero classes. 50 - 100 XRD