#ScryptoClassof2022 Week 7, Chapter 6

Time to start my new favorite chapter of Rust: chapter 6 on enums! You will understand when done with this chapter why I have been so excited to get past chapters 5 and 6. We now have the tools to do some really powerful things. Here is what I have done in order to get a good understanding of this content:

Read Chapter 6 of the book:

Watch Let’s Get Rusty explain chapter 6:
Enums and Pattern Matching in Rust

Watch Tom McGurls stream covering chapter 6. (This video also covers modules from chapter 7 at the end)

Make sure to go through the Rustlings exercises through chapter 6 materials. Here is a video guide someone in our group has recommended:

I have also been using Tom McGurl’s video explanation of the Rustlings exercises. Make sure you are trying these challenges ON YOUR OWN before watching the video answers. Use the compiler errors to try to solve the issues so you actually learn what is going on.

Dont forget to join us for the live Q&A with Omar each Sunday at 12pm UTC. Bring any and all questions from material we have covered so far.

ch6 pg1

ch6 pg2

ch6 pg3

Week 6 winners for participating and helping in this class are:

@erroll gnargnar#2915

Please send me your wallet addresses if I don’t already have them, and prizes will be sent out soon!

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