So where are you on the oci list ? Anyone near catfish level?

Any catfish in the house ? I am personally on my way to humpback, lets go OCI

I am only at Dolphin, sold a few thousand sooner which I regret now. But hey, there is a plenty of time still to catch up. :wink:

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I thought I was Dolphin, But I’m trying to catch more OCI and maybe it will transform. Although it’s still far from what I expected.

It is very difficult to get Oci because with a lot of staking there are only a few. I’m very sad because I just found out about Oci and missed a lot of events.

lol, mate we are in the same boat , we all buy our oci on dogecubedswap.

Get on the oci train ! yehhaaaa

I think polls on telegram get a lot of trolls which vote for the highest tier. So the data is really different actually. I thought I am somewhere in the middle of the holders but checking radixscan I am actually somewhere of the first couple pages. Which is really a big thing and valid data.

Imaging being on the first couple pages of UNI holders or some kind.

So guys check out your actual position and I am sure most of you are way closer to the OCI top than you think :slight_smile:


Actually i’m an Octopus. I sold a large amount of OCI 3 months ago.

I never thought of that, that some people would vote higher, Yes I am on the first page and so keen to see how the ui I will look I think they are going to do a great job. Oci is very important to the radix platform for success, in fact its crucial.

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Also an octopus with a tendency to a large fish

Thats actually a crazy thought!

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Then let this one poll be true :slight_smile:

Are You a $OCI Whales?

  • Cat Fish = More Than 500,000 Oci
  • Megalodon = 250,000-500,000 Oci
  • Humpback WHale = 50,000-250,000 Oci
  • Whale = 10,000-50,000 Oci
  • Shark = 5,000-10,000 Oci
  • Dolphin = 1,000-5,000 Oci
  • Large Fish = 5,00-1,000 Oci
  • Octopus = 100-500 Oci
  • Crab = 10-100 Oci
  • Shrimp = Less than 10 Oci

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A little snapshot of the $OCI distribution from Radixscan

No one voted would have been cool to see :confused:


I think so everyone would rather have their position unknown. :frowning:
Though it would be cool if there was OCIGOD here with us.

Seems like the ocigod wants to stay in the shadow which is very much understandable

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Lol, i am heading towards humpback, but I dont think there are nay catfish on here , but thanks for crating the poll!

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