Some social concerns about Radix governance / consensus

Hi, I’m a software engineer and community advocate. As a brand new user, I just reviewed the Cerberus infographic series - and found it to be a spectacular onramp, and very necessary to help me understand the basics before diving deeper.

Your technology has the potential to be a platform for billions of people, hence the grave import of the issues I raise for discussion:

  1. I believe that the golden rule (those with the gold make the rules) does not always lead to an effective balance of power in society. Has there been any thought into ensuring better fairness by using some kind of quadratic technology to ensure that vote weighting of whales’ stake would be curtailed as compared to many people staking smaller amounts? For example, staking one million tokens buys you one thousand votes. Staking ten thousand tokens buys you one hundred votes. Staking one hundred tokens buys you ten votes.

  2. Another idea : when disciplining a bad actor, for example, slashing might be done as a percentage of your stake, rather than a set amount for a particular offense. This might be a better motivator than a fixed slash amount.

  3. As a community advocate who supports those people who have the boots of the elite in their face, how does Radix help to better help spread the balance of power to those who are most disadvantaged by current political systems ?


While I am not technical enough to create an opinion on this, I think these should be addressed in the next #AMA. I would really like to hear Dan’s opinion on this.

Two AMAs have passed and this question has not been taken up, is it in the queue? I did post to two channels on the Discord and also here. Thanks.

I think you have to post it in the Telegram group with the #AMA hashtag. Not sure if they monitor Discord for AMAs.

  1. Assume small accounts have more voting weight, what prevent whale just divide their balance into many accounts?

  2. They do slash proportion to the staked amount as they said: “…and some or all of the stake committed to it.”

  3. It would be fine if your question is regard Radix DAO, which the team haven’t implemented yet. However, it would not suit well with Cerberus, which totally different in purpose. Cerberus is the consensus model to support DeFi movement, while a decentralized community, or a DAO, or any other governance system better than current political system could very well use a DApp on Cerberus to support it. They will not build a decentralized community directly on Cerberus.