Staatenlos Node Joins Alliance to Improve Service To Radix Delegators

Once again RadixDLT Staking and Radical Staking have great news for the Radix community:

Staatenlos Node has joined our alliance to maximize 100% uptime and rewards for our delegators and now all three of us will support each other’s validator nodes in the very unlikely event of unprecedented situations where one of our nodes goes down and our respective teams are not able to bring it back up.

This will provide yet another layer of security, reliability and resiliency on top of the existing measures that we already have in place for our productive nodes individually, such as multiple fully-synced server backups, multiple database backups, and team members that help provide 24x7x365 on-call support for node issues. With the added expertise and experience of the Staatenlos team-who are the co-founders of Ociswap, there are three Node Runner now supporting each other in case of an emergency.

All delegators of RadixDLT Staking, RadicalStaking and Staatenlos Node can rest easy, knowing that their delegated XRD is in good hands.

Find out more about Staatenlos Node, check out their website and Telegram, which supports both German and English speakers.

As always, we recommend spreading your XRD stakes across multiple delegators, including validator nodes in the bottom 50% to promote the security and decentralisation of the Radix network.

:white_check_mark: Staatenlos Node Validator Address: rv1qtm32gr5dkhgmjjmhxn43yah6y59f5nx6qv3x44kg80mtaaffv39u9tylpu

:white_check_mark: RadixDLT Staking Validator Address: rv1qgw68kqkryhgxvcvp04wfss0k76svxkqv3zvf57rcvrkuzdluu9ay4snzxc

:white_check_mark: Radical Staking Validator Address: rv1qwqf39p307f58y06ejewfwzyuyqd68denpdk3vpp7rsvmqtsc0kdkhq64gc