Staking Airdrop #2 of Delphibets

After exciting and successful (prediction) events, we want to focus on the stakers again:

:fire: 500,000 $DPH will be distributed :fire:

:one: Staking snapshot is taken on 15th of May 2022
:two: The more you stake, the bigger your airdrop

Stakers of the DELPHINODE have advantages and will receive the highest bonus. The airdrop will follow in the next few days after the snapshot is taken. Starting in May we will introduce a validator fee in line with other Radix nodes of 2.8%.

:computer: How to stake $XRD?
For those who want to stake on the DELPHINODE for the first time, Pythia has recorded a video. It was her concern to explain you all in the most simple way, so you can get as many $DPH as possible :heart:

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The validator stake of the DELPHINODE is currently 1.65%. Only 0.35% remain to secure the 50% bonus.


Love the Video :boom: I think this will make it very easy for beginners!

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Thanks I have staked but can you make a video of how exactly it works, i want to take part in the events , is there a video for this ?

What do you mean exactly? How to participate in the events? :blush:

Detailed instructions are published with each event. In these instructions, the conditions of participation are explained in detail.

Follow our Announcement Channel to make sure you don’t miss anything: DELPHINEWS


But for the DPH airdrop, it is difficult to collect, because I can only collect 20 tokens sometimes 10 per event, maybe what I want to ask is if there is a way other than airdrop to get this token.
Maybe buy it through an AMM cex community like the DogeCube?

If you stake with DELPHINODE, you usually receive extra bonus and get higher amount of Delphi, not just the 20/10 pairs.

Later there will be a presale, when you can buy DPH. You can also buy now OTC in TG.

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