State versions on Radix vs Blocks on other blockchains

In my opinion, Radixdlt is different from other normal blockchains, using state versions instead of blocks.

Please help to confirm whether the understanding of the flow-mentioned interface replacement is correct.
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I haven’t found the API method to query the state by version.
Please figure it out if my understanding is wrong. Thank you!

Hi Lyn,

On Radix, time periods are referred to as Epochs, consisting of 10,000 rounds. rounds are essentially synonymous with blocks in a conventional blockchain. There’s more info on this in the Radix knowledge base here: Epochs/Rounds

If you want to query an account or transaction you can use the Gateway API as you’ve identified in your post. For example: Gateway Spec - Account Balance

With the at_state_identifier you can query a specific epoch, round or state version:


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Thank you for your reply and I have another question.

If I can want to get confirmed transaction detail by transaction hash, I should send a requests get Transasction Status

Get Transaction Status Refer to Gateway API
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I have deployed a full node locally but the method above is a gateway AP.
Installing and Running a Node as a Docker Instance :: Radix Documentation

Is there any core API support query transaction detail by hash or let the node to support gateway api by enabling the configuration item?