Tether to launch stablecoin tied to pound

Wow this is excellent news for the uk and actual Radix and the whole space, its great news for Radix as radix is Uk company , this is whatPaolo Ardoino, Tether’s chief technology officer said:

“We believe that the United Kingdom is the next frontier for blockchain innovation and the wider implementation of cryptocurrency for financial markets. We hope to help lead this innovation by providing cryptocurrency users worldwide with access to a GBP-denominated stablecoin issued by the largest stablecoin issuer,” said

I could not agree more it would be amazing if they worked with radix. I am from UK so super proud !


Yeah, that absolutely looks one step towards adoption. Not a fan of Tether myself, but happy for this news regardless. Let’s hope that one day a stablecoin built on Radix will these moves.


This is a very good news for the stablecoin-sphere. I feel very proud to know that behind a solid project like tether there’s a young computer scientist from Italy. Months ago he also mentioned the possibility to see a tether euro in the next years.


There is already a Euro stable coin backed by Tether, see here.


As much as I dont like tether, i have no choice but to use it since its practically still the most used stable pair in the market today. I guess this is good overall with the overlooked part that tether could crumble due to “activities” lets say. I hope this gives rise to other stables also adopting a GBP pair

Surely USDC is a much safer option ?

Stablecoins are the main thing driving general crypto adoption (primarily in the developing world) - more options like this is definitely a good thing if it makes remittances etc easier