The scary dark part of crypto - CBDC

CBDC have got to be one of the scariest realities , this would allow total control over every person, which makes me think that block chain may have been invented by the government.

A CBDC dramatically increases government control of cash flows in the economy. This may lead to the “weaponization of money,” where the government coerces individuals and businesses by cutting off their money supply.

Whats your thoughts, how can we combat this ?

The current government’s burdensome regulations are very cruel, even I don’t have any profit yet but they have put a tax on it.

Financial freedom seems to be just a hope and a dream. When they can’t reach the city, they choose to hit the closest one.

I think we should demand freedom of speech in order to find the best solution.


Not sure how that exactly answers the question ? Do you know what they will be able to do with CBDCs ? Have you seen what is going on in china, with the social score system ? The government will have more control than ever and already we have unelected groups like the world economic forum deciding that this will be implemented.