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Today’s news 10 june

:one:–In Latest Crypto Hack, 20M Tokens Lost As Market Maker Wintermute Takes Blame

:two:–Ethereum Merge Dress Rehearsal To Take Place Tonight

:three:–Michael Saylor: Bitcoin Is Going To A Million Dollar

:four:–ApeCoin DAO Officially Favor To Remain Within Ethereum Ecosystem

:five:–75% Of Retailers Eyeing Crypto Payments Within 24 Months: Deloitte


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I like this section, would be a trigger to check the forums daily, or however often you plan on posting these. Just would like to request these news items to be clickable. Links to the original articles would be much appreciated.



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**New crypto update **

**- oinme and Circle announced a collaboration to integrate USDC into Coinme’s cash onramp and offramp ecosystem. *
- Huobi announced the launch of Ivy Blocks.
- Circle announced it agreed to buy digital asset infrastructure platform Cybavo for an undisclosed amount…

:video_game: This year’s downturn in the #crypto market has made venture capital investors in the #metaverse and #P2E sector more cautious, although user engagement in the games themselves remains robust.

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I think a daily crypto update might be very useful for the community, but with the following suggestions:

  • Have links in the news, as Jazzer suggested in your previous topic
  • Have the same format for each and every topic title, to make it easy to differentiate. (for example, we can’t see the date in this topic title, just ‘today’, which won’t look too good tomorrow :slight_smile: )
  • Make it readable by formatting correctly

Let me show you an example of what I mean:

Daily Crypto News - 2022/06/11

  1. Coinme collaborates with Circle on using USD coin for P2P payments
    I believe this is good/bad because of this&that.
  2. Huobi announced the launch of Ivy Blocks.
    Your thoughts here.

I really like your base idea, just feel that this format can serve the community better. :slight_smile:


These are the main news points for today. Hope its helpful, I am very bullish on illuvium. Celsius may be dead imo, interesting about subpoena airdrop, that may be how its done in the future.




  4. [](Illuvium Raises $72M From Land Sale Despite GameFi Bear Market - The Defiant)

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Today Update 2022/06/14

Global update

• Tron’s network stablecoin USDD lost its peg against the US dollar, slumping to as low as 91 cents, as the crypto market took a nosedive as investors grew increasingly concerned about persistently high inflation, tightening financial conditions, and a potential recession.

• Crypto exchange and lending platform BlockFi plan to cut a total of more than 400 jobs, joining a growing list of crypto companies looking to reduce the number of employees.

• Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey reiterated his stance on cryptocurrencies, stating that the asset class ‘has no intrinsic value.’

• Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy (MSTR) suffered an unrealized loss of over $1 billion in bitcoin (BTC) holdings as the largest crypto price by market value touched $22,900 in Monday trade.

• The world’s largest crypto exchange by trading volume, Binance, resumes. bitcoin (BTC) withdrawals after Monday morning’s lull, the company said.

• Coinbase will cut 18% of full-time jobs, according to an email sent to employees Tuesday.

• CEO Brian Armstrong pointed to a possible recession, a need to manage costs and growing “too quickly” during a bull market.

• “We appear to be entering a recession after a 10+ year economic boom,” Armstrong says. “While it’s hard to predict the economy or the markets, we always plan for the worst so we can operate the business through any environment.”

  1. Binance refuses to allow bitcoin to be withdrawn -

  2. Banks says you will lose all your money -

  3. Bitcoin goes to 21000 -


Thanks for the quick summary of recent events including links!
May I request to keep the opinion bit separate from the news (which should just be facts)?

Thanks & Cheers!

  1. [Bored Ape NFTs Face Steep Declines in Broad Cryptoasset Rout](Bord Yacht Ap)

  2. Ethereum Core Developers Announce Further Delay of ‘Difficulty Bomb

  3. MicroStrategy CEO Saylor Says No Margin Call on Bitcoin Loan

  4. Will bear market lead to financial crisis ?

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Crypto news 2022/06/16

Global price action updates here.

  1. Cryptocurrency ‘bloodbath’ threatens multibillion-dollar hedge fund

  2. Crypto exchanges Coinbase and BlockFi lay off hundreds of staff

  3. Two Indicators Show BTC Reached Bottom

  4. MetaMask warns of security vulnerability from older versions of popular crypto wallet)

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There are a lot of interesting news today:

  1. First Mover Asia: Celsius Risks Triggered Crypto Crash, Says Huobi Group CFO; Bitcoin Wobbles but Doesn’t Break Post-Rate Hike

  2. Crypto Altcoins Pop as Post-Fed Rally Sweeps Across Risk Assets

  3. Bitcoin Tries to Stop the Bleeding Despite Crypto Scandals

  4. Are cryptocurrencies losing asset class status?


Today Update 2022/06/17

  1. When Crypto Rebuilds After This Cold Winter, Firms Like Three Arrows Capital Won’t Have a Place; Bitcoin Sinks Toward $20K

  2. Dogecoin investor sues Elon Musk, Tesla, SpaceX for $258 billion, claiming ‘pyramid scheme’

  3. Huobi closing its crypto exchange in Thailand in July

  4. Crypto lender Celsius is being investigated by multiple states after transactions freeze

  5. ‘The Reckoning’ & ‘The Best Time’ to Enter Bitcoin Mining as Firms Diversify Amid Bear Market


My update for today:

  1. Bitcoin and Ethereum Approach Crucial Juncture, Altcoins Move Lower

  2. Regulator unlikely to budge following its statement on US crypto major coinbase using UPI

  3. Bitcoin news – live: BTC price bounces off key level after chaotic few days

  1. Should you buy the bitcoin crash? Even some crypto bulls are saying ‘Not yet.’

  2. # Bitcoin: Will El Salvador’s big crypto gamble pay off?

  3. # Bill Gates says crypto and NFTs are ’100% based on greater fool theory

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  1. Babel Finance Suspends Withdrawals, Citing 'Unusual Liquidity Pressures

  2. Crypto Traders Turn Against Each Other in a Collapsing Market

  3. Wallet That Helped Trigger UST Implosion Linked by Analysis Firm to Terra Developer

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2022-06-18 Crypto news


2022-06-18 Crypto news

  1. Virtual Currency-Based Sale Agreement an Invalid Contract, Chinese Court Rules

  2. Three Arrows Capital Confirms Heavy Losses From LUNA’s Collapse, Exploring Potential Options: Report

  3. FBI says crypto fraudsters are a huge threat on LinkedIn