What are core functions the team should focus on for the DevX/UX?

Cédric from XIDAR raised a point on Telegram today about the team building things that are already built by the community. His point being that this is a waste of resources and it is demotivating for builders to see RDX Works swoop in and steal the show with products that are similar to what the community has already built.

Perhaps it is interesting to think about what could be considered core functionality for a good developer experience. What should RDX Works focus on to make sure developers can do their thing and users are satisfied? And what should they not focus on, because the community has already built it and it would be a waste of time?

Edit: added UX to the title and added users to second paragraph


I hadn’t heard about this, apparently the team developed a token creator similar to Shardspace’s. I will quote Cédric message for clarity:

Real question… You are developing a wallet, a token creator, a dashboard, many features that community has already developed, …
Shardspace is an excellent dashboard and token creator tool. You even pushed the project in multiple times.
Can you explain the strategy ? Is it not better to stay focus on the network development ?
When you develop a project, and a few weeks later it is copied by the official team, doesn’t that have an unfortunate tendency to discourage the network’s projects creators? (rethoric question)
Why do you want to centralize everything? Especially since you often offer an option that is less good than the community (eg: XIDAR / Z3US wallet, Shardspace, etc.).
A newcomer to the network will arrive with what is available. Unless there is an official option then he will come with this one. You are killing the community.

Honestly I’m inclined to agree with Cédric…there are a lot of areas that need improvement and manhours, more than a token creator.
Curious to see what the team will reply.

For completeness’ sake I’ll also quote Jacob’s short response to it:

I will let Russ/Matt comment furthur, but the token creator has been publicly available since Betanet, just not advertised much, its been cleaned up as a barebones experience targeted at developers who want to quickly get resources to play with.

But I don’t think the token creator was the point per se. More the idea of RDX Works developing stuff that the community can also do.

I’m more in the middle tbh. I do think it’s important to get the developer and user experience as good as possible without developers and users having to shop around to find bits and pieces of everything. But there is definitely a point where it becomes absurd. Not sure where that is though, so that’s the question: what would you consider to be core.