What are the projects you want to see in the next Radix Hackathon?

During the first Radix Team Hackathon held in 2019, the teams built six different projects:

  • POS card system
  • DecentraSign (a way to verify and sign documents via the ledger)
  • Radix network visualizer (making atoms look cool on the ledger)
  • Chess on the ledger
  • Command Line Interface for Radix
  • Radix Planner (surveys/polls on the ledger)

In your case, which project would you propose?


I would love to see something streaming , a privacy coin, a stable coin, more on a gaming and how these would all work.

  1. I would really like to see a privacy app which uses some features of privacy coins, like they use some kind of encryption to hide senders, receivers, amount. In the long term, this feature might be in Radix (though a DLT is not designed for that), but for now, I would really like to see from the community, how can they simulate private transactions.

  2. I would also love to see a dApp where we can learn the basics of crypto, DeFi and be rewarded with a small amount of XRD in our wallet. It would be somekind of a teaching platform where everyone iis connected with his wallet and participate.

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I love your 2. idea. It could be something similar to binance learn, but with the addition of quizzes and tests. I don’t know if you ever heard about young platform, it is an Italian exchange founded by a startup from Turin: they have a great and very accurate academy, where you can study, learn and earn their utility token for free. I think radix in the future could start thinking about something similar.

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