What are the requirements for a coin being listed on exchanges?

As Radix becomes known among investors and exchanges (just look for example at the more and more exchanges that are gradually listing xrd)


It is evident that all of us want XRD being listed on Binance, and precisely because of this I was wondering, what are the policy frameworks that exchanges follow to evaluate the process of listing new tokens and delisting others? How do they select coins, and what does it take to get listed?

I previously followed several developments of listings of other coins, in general they emphasized on the clarity of the project, I mean that they must be registered and verified by Coin Market Cap.
Then several platforms usually assess the level of transaction volume and the size of the community, their readiness to communicate between platforms. Community voting on listings is usually there to encourage coin listings on binance.


In addition, some exchanges make it easier to list on their platform, provided they pay a fee for listing and it varies quite a bit. but must be careful not to be deceived by counterfeiters.

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Exchanges have a certain policy they follow (you can find Binance’s here) but in the end all they care about is money.

Trading volume therefore plays a very significant role when they decide about listing. They also often list coins which received a hype recently, because they expect the trading volume to be huge. (Just remembre how APE was listed literally everywhere at day one…)

It is also worth noting that it is much easier form to list ERC-20 tokens (literally a few clicks) than integrating a completely new network (Radix), which requires much extra work from them.

You fill out an online form for listing directly on the exchange or on Launchpad.
Direct listing or Launch pool are open to projects that have tokens in circulation in the market. While Launchpad is limited to projects that are in the previous stage and don’t have a token yet.
It is necessary to keep the project updated for the community and for the exchange.
You must own the currency of the exchange you want to be a part of.
Be part of and support the exchange on your social networks.